The Truth About Crank, A More Potent Kind of Meth

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addict 2713526 640

It seems like there are more and more drugs these days, and to a degree that is true. Addicts and users have more options to choose from now than they used to have two decades ago. The expanding drug culture that was brought on by the opioid epidemic has resulted in other drug options that were not always available. One such drug that has been on the scene for thirty years but which only recently became very prevalent is crank.

What is Crank?

Crank is an altered form of meth. It is often called, “Poor Man’s Meth” because it is a less pure form of crystal meth. It is usually cut with other substances and chemicals. This makes it even more volatile and dangerous than crystal meth, which is already a very dangerous drug, to begin with. Just the fact that one does not know what this type of meth is totally composed of makes it that much riskier. Users take a great risk by consuming a substance that is a mystery box of toxic ingredients.

Risks in Using Crank

Crank is used much in the same way as pure methamphetamine is. Crank is snorted, smoked, or injected. Users can consume crank by eating it, but this does not bring on as potent of a high.

When people use meth, the chemicals from the drug pass rapidly from the point of use and directly to the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the meth chemicals assail the brain and central nervous system, creating the euphoric high that addicts seek so intensively.

However, with crank, all of the above factors are present, yet there are those “other chemicals” and additives to still be accounted for. Once consumed, the meth part of crank does its job, but the other chemicals and additives tend to float around the body, causing harm and sometimes irreparable damage in any area they come into contact with.

When people use crank, their risk of an overdose and even death is greater than individuals who use crystal meth. There is a similar risk in using crystal meth too, but with crystal meth, at least the individual knows what they are getting themselves into and can have some concept of a correct dosage. With crank, the user has no way of knowing what they are using, how potent it is, what is in it, etc. Smoking crank delivers a faster rush than smoking meth does, but it is also considerably more dangerous.

When people choose to inject crank, which is something only hardened addicts will usually attempt, they really take their lives into their own hands. Crank use via injection (by dissolving the drug in water then injecting it with a syringe) is the riskiest version of them all, putting the drug and all its other compounds directly into the bloodstream. This method of use poses the greatest risk of overdose and death, which is unfortunate because most regular crank users eventually end up converting to this method of use as it presents more euphoria, more potency in the high experienced, etc.

Side Effects of Crank Use

The threat of overdose and death is by no means the only risk involved when people use crank. There is more at risk here. For example, some of the side effects of using crank are:

  • The individual can experience a reduced appetite and significant weight loss as a result of using crank.
  • Crank users often experience rapid breathing and respiratory problems.
  • People who use crank will experience a rapid heartbeat and risk to their hearts, including increased blood pressure and risk for heart attack.
  • Hyperthermia is a side effect of crank use.
  • People who use crank often experience anxiety, paranoia, nervous hysteria, etc.
  • Dental problems such as “meth mouth” are common in people who use crank.
  • People who use crank will often develop sores on their body.
  • Crank users are prone to infectious diseases as a result of sharing needles and other paraphernalia.
  • A side effect of crank use is altered judgment and the glorification of risky decisions and actions.
  • When people use crank, they gain a false sense of time and an incorrect sense of being.
  • Crank use brings on risky behaviors and impaired speech.

This is not a complete list of the side effects of crank use, but it does give one an idea as to the true risks at hand when people consume this drug.

Preventing Crank Use

When a person becomes addicted to a drug like crank, the only approach that can help them is a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Such programs have the tools and expert know-how to free a person from both the physical and the mental trappings of addiction. For those who are not yet addicted to crank, they need to know the risks at hand, and the truth about this drug. We can reduce crank addiction in America, but only through a deft combination of rehabilitation services connected with educational and prevention-based services.






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