Xanax – The Most Addictive Psychotropic Medication

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pills 1173656 640

For almost two decades, our country has been sold the idea that a massive increase in the use of pharmaceutical drugs in medicine is the correct approach to modern health. While some pharmaceuticals are certainly helpful and are in fact life-saving, there are several pharmaceuticals that cause more damage than they bring benefit. Xanax is one of them.

Xanax is thought to be the most common benzodiazepine in use today. Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication designed to treat panic attacks, anxiety disorders, nerves, fear, apprehension, insomnia, etc. The drug is also available in different strains and variations, all depending on what doctors think is best for their patients. The only problem is, Xanax is highly addictive and can be lethal. Millions of Americans take Xanax, tens of thousands are addicted to it, and thousands die from overdoses on it every year.

Xanax – An Addictive Drug

When used for any length of time, Xanax is highly addictive. This drug should never be consumed by people recreationally or in a self-medicative fashion, but even beyond that, the drug can be addictive even when patients take it exactly as doctors instruct them to.

Another factor with Xanax is that, when people take it, their bodies develop a tolerance to it rather quickly. It does not take long before the body of the user builds up not only a dependence on the drug but a tolerance for the drug too. This is the wicked catch 22 of drug use. As a person’s dependence on a drug increases (they need the drug for both physical and psychological reasons) the person’s tolerance to the drug increases too.

The human body recognizes drugs as being alien substances, harmful substances and things that are not natural and not supposed to be in their bodies. Because of that, when a body is exposed to drug substances like Xanax pills, the body naturally builds a resistance to the pills, attempting to resist the effects the drugs are trying to have. This is especially true with Xanax. When people take Xanax for the first time, by the time they want to take it a second time, they will have to take more of the drug to get the same effect that they got from their first high.

When people decide to stop taking Xanax, whether they are cognizant of an addiction or a dependency or not, they will almost immediately fall into withdrawal symptoms. These are the physiological sensations of drug use, and they are very unpleasant. This is why people who are addicted to Xanax need to get help from a professional addiction treatment center.

Xanax Side Effects

There are many side effects to using Xanax to consider. These can occur whether a person becomes addicted to the drug or not, but these side effects are definitely more pronounced in people who do take the drug:

  • Sleep problems (insomnia) and not being able to sleep on an ordinary schedule.
  • Memory problems, both short term and long term.
  • Poor balance or coordination, unable to hold oneself up, constantly falling down.
  • Slurred speech, being unable to conjugate complete thoughts.
  • Headaches and migraine headaches.
  • Nausea, vomiting, can’t keep food down, can barely drink water.
  • Appetite changes to the point of changes in eating, massive weight loss, or massive weight gain.
  • Swelling in the hands or feet for no apparent reason.
  • Muscle weakness and muscle atrophy.
  • Loss of interest in sex, reduced libido, no sex drive, impotence.
  • Drowsiness to the point of not being able to stay awake.
  • Dizziness, being disoriented, not being able to see properly.
  • Dry mouth, constantly parched, cracked lips.
  • Stuffy nose, constantly blowing nose, nasal problems for addicts who crush and snort Xanax.
  • Trouble concentrating and completing a task.
  • Irritability, even to the point of lashing out in anger.
  • Diarrhea and constipation, irregular bowel movements, stomach aches.
  • Increased sweating, changes in body temperature.

This is not even a full list of side effects. There are many others, especially when a person becomes addicted to the drug.

Rehabilitation for Xanax Addiction

When a person falls on hard times with a Xanax addiction, their best approach for getting free from their habit is with the help of an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. Such programs offer the best services by far and are capable of affording people with a pleasant and freeing recovery experience.

At an addiction treatment center, a Xanax addict will first get to experience a full detoxification program to address the physical and chemical aspects of their dependence on Xanax. This is a freeing experience, as the individual will finally have a clean body and a clear mind. They will no longer be subject to constant addiction struggles. This frees the person up so they are not constantly plagued by unpleasant physical sensations.

After the physical aspects of a recovery program are completed, recovering Xanax addicts can move on to the behavioral treatment section. This section focuses primarily on the psychological, personal, spiritual, and behavioral aspects of a Xanax addiction, i.e. all of the reasons why the person started taking Xanax in the first place. Such an approach is very helpful because, if a recovering addict does not address the behavioral and spiritual factors of the addiction, they are likely to relapse.

Getting off of drug and alcohol addiction is not easy. Breaking a Xanax addiction is even more difficult than most. Thankfully, inpatient rehabs can help guide people through this process.




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