Family Therapy

Addiction has been widely considered to be a family disease due to the implications that are faced by the loved ones who are almost always closely in contact with family members who struggle with chemical dependencies. However, addiction is usually followed by that of unkept promises and even heavily strained relationships. In spite of the hardship faced by all those involved, a form of professional support is a huge benefit to everyone. And, SCAC provides several support options for interested parties.

Types of Family Therapy

  • Al-Anon: This program has been designed as a 12-step course for those affected and their loved ones alike, they go on to learn about the reality of addiction as well as the fact that it is indeed a personal experience. Members will also learn that no matter how much support is provided, or how much shaming is done, or even nagging will ever be enough to set an addict on the straight path. The program also facilitates a connection to other families who are experiencing the same ordeal. As such, families will be able to support, share advice and they will also even learn to provide meaningful support for their loved ones better.
  • Family Support Services: SCAC offers several other services for families. As such, families will now be better educated since they can attend many workshops which work on skill building as it applies to addiction. They will also be able to learn management skills for a better relationship with their loved one who is struggling. In addition, they will learn also to develop tools which can better facilitate a healthy support system for their loved ones as they work together to prevent relapses.
  • Case Management Updates: Case management meetings are available for participants as well as other members of a family who are interested. These sessions are geared toward the success rate of each individual’s personal goal. And, they will also be able to discuss the positive progress that they have made in the presence of family who will be somewhat accountable as they make commitments when it comes to support.
  • Family Therapy: We have both professional family therapists as well as licensed marriage counsellors who work closely with family as they address several issues including trauma, and they work to resolve conflicts. These sessions are designed with the thought of increasing the unity amongst members of a family as they all work to move past not only hurt but disappointment as well. Our environment is one in which healing, recovery, and productivity are focused strongly on.

The opportunities which were mentioned above can be used to everyone’s advantage. They facilitate communication while establishing support as well as productive, healthy boundaries. If you’re interested in learning more about family therapy as part of recovery, contact SCAC today.


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