Microdosing: Your Mind On Steroids?

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Over the years, there have been numerous trends regarding drug use and abuse. As we have discovered various substances, our culture has experimented with them in many ways. These trends include using LSD as a psychiatric medication, coca leaves as a beverage additive, and prescribing heroin as a cure for opium addiction. Point being, we have had some odd uses for substances throughout the years because of not quite understanding their capabilities. Of course, we realize the dangers of these substances later on and correct the mistakes that we have made in their use. Unfortunately, these unconventional and strange uses continue to come about as well.

One of the most recent of these is something called micro-dosing, which is essentially taking a smaller amount of a substance to experience some effects, but supposedly minimizing the potential negative effects. The substance being used in this new trend is LSD, which is a hallucinogen, with the idea being to gain some effects without going through a full “trip.”

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is essentially how it sounds. It involves taking a smaller dose in comparison to what a person would usually take. In the case of LSD, individuals are taking about 1/50 of a normal dose. This new trend is not just being used by individuals that one may assume would be more inclined to use drugs, but rather, it is even being embraced by the mainstream.

Individuals in Silicon Valley have been using microdosing as a way to apparently improve or harness their creativity. This is where the trend has just been getting completely obscene. You have individuals generally viewed as social thought leaders promoting the use of illegal and harmful substances, which can easily influence others to do the same. It has reached a point where a popular magazine even wrote an article promoting it, which was GQ’s “Microdosing. The Drug Habit Your Boss is Going to Love.” The result is that we have influential sources promoting the use of an illegal and possibly dangerous substance.

With how much trouble and damage drugs have continued to cause all around our nation, it is hard to comprehend why there would be any mainstream promotion of them. You have people ruining their lives, families being destroyed, and relationships falling apart, all as a consequence result of drug use. It is only going to further perpetuate these issues when public organizations are giving reasons and justifications as to why people should use harmful drugs. Whether it be for “creativity” or “unlocking your potential,” these are just embellishments that could lead to increasing numbers of people trying dangerous drugs. There is no magic pill for success and promoting a dangerous unregulated drug as a way to get ahead is irresponsible.

Struggling with addiction can be an arduous battle, but it can be overcome through proper treatment. If you or a loved one are seeking help with a drug or alcohol addiction, call today.



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