How Drug Treatment Equals Drug Abstinence

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex affliction, one that is made up of many components and facets. Currently, drug and alcohol rehab programs stand as being the accepted, standard approach to treating addiction. Yet, as the addiction scene itself is quite controversial, so is the addiction treatment industry.

There are those who are skeptical of drug rehab, uncertain as to whether a rehabilitation program of perhaps thirty to ninety days is really going to help them get off of an addiction crisis that has plagued their lives for possibly years. Thankfully, drug rehab does work, and addiction treatment facilities all across the U.S. save hundreds of thousands of people every year from the crippling embrace that is an addiction.

Components of Drug and Alcohol Rehab that Make it Work

There are several components to drug rehab that make it effective. Some of these are:

Drug and alcohol rehabs allow struggling addicts to escape from their habits for enough time to focus on recovery. One of the primary reasons why addicts cannot escape addiction on their own is because they simply cannot break away from substance abuse long enough to focus on why they should break away from substance abuse. Going into a rehab program allows one to break free from the vicious cycle of addiction and obtain an entirely new perspective. While one is in rehab, they won’t have access to addictive substances, and that alone puts the individual on the right path.

Drug and alcohol rehabs help addicts get down to the bottom of what is causing their addiction in the first place. No one becomes an addict by chance. If it does happen, it is rare. Everyone started using drugs or alcohol to cope with some other aspect of their lives that was too difficult or unpleasant to deal with on their own. That other “thing” is usually buried, long consumed by countless nights of boozing, hard drug use, or self-medicating on prescription drugs. A drug rehab has the staff, the tools, and the techniques necessary for helping an individual find those underlying issues and address them in a way that is conducive to growth, not destruction.

Drug and alcohol rehabs help set a recovering addict up for life after rehab. This is often the most difficult challenge yet, maintaining one’s sobriety after a rehab program is completed. There is going to be struggle. There are going to be pitfalls. There are going to be temptations to relapse. All of these will occur, and a recovering addict has to know how to confront them, how to manage them, and how to push them aside. A rehab program will help with this.

Drug and alcohol rehabs connect a recovering addict with like-minded individuals who are also on their own journey to escape the shackles of addiction. This is not an easy path to walk for anyone, but having others to walk it with makes it that much more manageable. When a recovering addict attends a rehab program, they are able to work together with other individuals who also want to break free from the shackles of substance abuse. This group effort is very helpful in building the foundation of stable abstinence.

Drug and alcohol rehabs offer detoxification and medication-assisted withdrawal services to help addicts come down off of drugs and alcohol. One of the primary reasons why addicts never make it on their own is they cannot bear the withdrawal symptoms of trying to kick a drug habit on their own. The pain is too much, and in some cases, their lives could actually be at risk. At a professional rehabilitation facility, however, a rehab program is able to provide professional, staffed, and highly effective detoxification services that are stress-free and safe.

Drug and alcohol rehabs teach a recovering addict the valuable skills they need to have a happy and fulfilling life outside of rehab. These are called Life Skills. The tools one is able to glean from a rehab center are absolutely vital in not just staying sober, but in being a functioning and prosperous adult too. When a person abuses drugs and alcohol for a significant period of time, they often lose sight of what it takes to function in the real world, dependent as they are on others for survival. Without these skills, even if an addict did manage to overcome addiction on their own, they’d likely relapse due to difficulty making it as a responsible adult. A rehab center prepares one for adult life by teaching valuable skills, GED prep, vocational skills, etc.

Drug Rehab is A Start

Drug and alcohol rehab is like a diet, complete with a personal trainer, a meal plan, and a fitness schedule. Rehab gives an addict the tools they need to overcome substance abuse. But they still have to be committed to the effort, focused on the cause.

A lackadaisical, half-hearted, or even downright unwilling and recalcitrant approach to addiction treatment will not be effective. And it won’t be any fault of the treatment center either. A recovering addict needs to be committed to the cause, fully willing to dive into a recovery program and give it their all. If they are not, they risk missing out on the wonders and joys that drug rehab has to offer in the complete life-change that is available down this path.


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