Substance abuse, anxiety, and bipolar disorders, and other issues affect many people.  If you or a loved one is struggling, you’re not alone. We at Southern California Addiction Center are here to help.  We treat individuals and families with expert, innovative outpatient recovery programs.

What to Know About Outpatient Rehab

You may have heard about inpatient rehab.  Outpatient rehab at SCAC is the opposite. With inpatient rehab, a person checks into a facility and remains there for a certain period, such as for 90 days. Life outside of the rehab center stops until the person can return to it.  With outpatient rehab, people don’t live inside SCAC. Instead, they come to our center for individual counseling, group counseling, peer group support, professional psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, and more. Outpatient rehab allows clients to live at home while receiving the treatment they need.  This is especially helpful for people who are unable to leave their work situations to enter an inpatient rehab situation.

How Does Outpatient Recovery Work?

Outpatient recovery programs typically last anywhere from 30 days to 90 days, but the length of time depends on the client.  One to three months, however, is the period when relapses are most likely to occur. Therefore, treatment is most critical during this period.  Unlike an inpatient program, clients are not monitored during the recovery process. Thus, with our help, there needs to be a high degree of dedication to make the recovery process work. A person’s living situation needs to be the kind of environment that helps his or her recovery and healing process rather than hinder it.  For example, if a person is recovering from drug addiction, his or her home life needs to be free of drugs.

Is Outpatient Recovery Right For You or Your Loved One?

Determining if outpatient recovery is right for you or your loved one requires a look into a person’s history and their current situation.  Outpatient recovery is best suited for those whose issues, whether drug addiction, social anxiety, etc., are minor enough to not be in need of a high-level of medical or psychiatric care.  It is the kind of treatment that is also ideal for those who have already completed high-level treatment, such as treatment at an inpatient facility, but wish to receive occasional therapy or support.  Outpatient recovery at SCAC is ideal for those who are committed to recovering but are healthy enough to do part of it independently, in their own environment.

Who is outpatient recovery not ideal for?  It’s not suitable for those who are suffering from a severe and long-term addiction or co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety; for those who are in need of daily medical assistance; for those who have relapsed from rehab care; or for those who have a home life non-conducive to healthy outpatient treatment.

Determining if outpatient recovery is the right course of treatment is the first step, but it’s a step a person does not have to take alone. One of the jobs of the professionals at SCAC is to help individuals decide if outpatient recovery is the right approach.

Why Choose Southern California Addiction Center?

SCAC commits to providing customized and individualized outpatient recovery treatment for every member of the community.  Our goal is to be a recognized leader in the greater Southern California area for addiction treatment programs by treating everyone fairly and with honesty and integrity. Clients will find not only a highly dedicated, compassionate and professional staff, but safe surroundings, beautiful landscapes, healthy food, medical detox, and programs such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture and massage that are available by request (at an additional cost).  

No addiction center is worth its weight without a highly trained licensed and certified group of professionals who understand the approach of a customized program. The goal at SCAC is not just to treat the problem but to also look into the underlying issues that lead to addictions and other forms of suffering.   Our experts pass rigorous training and many exams before they can become a part of the recovery team. But no matter how trained a person is, how can they truly understand the problems of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety and other forms of addiction? At SCAC, our therapists draw on their own personal experiences to connect and empathize with each guest on the deepest of levels.

No matter if you or a loved one are dealing with an alcohol addiction or an addiction to such substances as methamphetamines, prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin, oxycontin, or other substances, we are trained to help.  We are also prepared to help with behavior disorders such as overeating, sleep disorders, bipolar disorders, trauma and PTSD, gambling or other behavioral disorders. Often an addiction to a substance or substances and a behavioral disorder or disorders are connected, and we are trained to work simultaneously with both areas to reach recovery.

Why choose us?  Because SCAC is committed to the recovery of you or a loved one.  We know how difficult it is to take that first step, but we also know that recovery programs are not one-size-fits-all.  Our programs are tailored to each of our client’s individual circumstances to attain the best opportunity for recovery. We don’t treat a crowd of people with identical approaches.  We focus on the individual and not only address the issue but work to prevent relapses over the long-term.

The Southern California Addiction Center has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for our approach to recovery and treatment options.  If you or a loved one is in need of comprehensive treatment for substance abuse or behavioral disorders, contact SCAC, and we can help. Not sure if outpatient recovery for you or a loved one is the right approach? We can help access the situation and come to the appropriate conclusions. Contact us for a confidential assessment.  Schedule a tour with our facility to learn more about us. If you or a loved one decides to join us, we welcome most insurance plans.


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