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Intensive outpatient programs have popped up all over the country at addiction recovery centers. Each program differs slightly, but the majority of them off offer outpatient counseling and medical appointments to help to you or your loved one’s addiction. At Southern California Addiction Center, we offer a wide variety of treatment options to our patients. Intensive Outpatient Programs are one of our most popular programs and allow patients to reside in their own homes with their support systems each night while working hard to kick their addictions during the day.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An Intensive Outpatient Program is a substance abuse addiction program that allows patients to reside in their own homes during treatment. It is different from residential treatment in this way. However, IOPs still offer daily treatments and appointments with counselors and medical professionals to help patients recover from their addiction.

If you or your loved one meets the requirements for an IOP, then that means that you or your loved one won’t require a detoxification period. Drug detoxification is necessary for patients who are dependent on their substance of choice, whether this is drugs or alcohol. For their recovery to be successful, they must undergo a medically supervised drug detoxification to ensure that they are healthy and stable enough to undergo therapy and counseling sessions to fully understand their addiction and kick their habits. IOP patients cannot be physically dependent on any type of substance since they will not be under the watchful eye of a medical professionals 24/7.

When is an Intensive Outpatient Program Useful?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is useful for patients who aren’t physically dependent on their substance of choice as stated above. If you or your loved one is at the beginning of the addiction journey and are getting help early, then you may qualify for an IOP. These programs are also useful regarding step down care. Patients who have undergone drug detoxification and who have gotten rid of their physical dependency may graduate into an IOP. This will allow them to gradually reintroduce themselves into society and progressively learn to live in their own residence while staying clean.

Intensive Outpatient Programs are also useful for patients who just simply cannot quit work or put their life on hold to go through treatment. At Southern California Addiction Center, we understand that your life before your addiction is important, and you or your loved one shouldn’t have to completely give up your life for treatment. If you or your loved one don’t have to undergo a medically supervised detoxification, then an Intensive Outpatient Program can help you or your loved one keep some semblance of normalcy while undergoing treatment.

Candidates for Intensive Outpatient Programs

To be a candidate for an Intensive Outpatient Program, you or your loved one must not need to undergo a medically supervised detoxification process. If you or your loved one need to undergo drug or alcohol detoxification, then it must be done at a 24/7 facility where you or your loved one can be under the watchful eye of medical professionals. This is done for the safety of our patients, and to ensure that they are medically stable before starting treatment for their addiction.

You or your loved one also may become a candidate for an IOP after completing medical detoxification and completing a residential program at Southern California Addiction Center. This process is part of our Step Down Approach to Care.

Our Approach to Step Down Care

At Southern California Addiction Center, we offer step down care for patients who are excelling through our program. No matter what level you or your loved one enters, you or your loved one can step down to a lower level of care. For example, patients who need to undergo medical detoxification, may then step down to residential care and eventually to one of our Intensive Outpatient Programs to complete their care.

This approach allows patients to graduate through our program and continue to keep their sobriety. It also allows patients to return to their daily lives with the support of a well-known program behind them.

When to Choose Outpatient Care

Outpatient care is not for every patient, but if you or your loved one require help with substance abuse, then it may be for you. Outpatient care provides a strong support system for all patients but also allows them to stay in their own homes at night and have some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

Outpatient care is a wonderful option for patients who do not need medical detoxification, and who do not require intensive hospitalization for their substance abuse. It allows patients to hold down a job, be close to their support system, and still be connected to an addiction program that can help them kick their habit and regain their life.

Why Choose SCAC

Southern California Addiction Center is a fully accredited center that provides you or your loved one with the absolute best care possible. Our team of healthcare providers meet with each patient individually and try to figure out the root cause of their addiction. They keep in constant contact with each patient to fully learn more about them and tailor a recovery plan to their needs. We offer multiple different options for recovery including intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, and more. By learning about each patient, our team can provide the best insight into what program is best for them. This allows us to approach you and your loved ones with the best possible chance at recovery.

If you or a loved one is thinking about getting help and would love to learn more about our intensive outpatient programs, then feel free to reach out to us anytime. At Southern California Addiction Center, we customize treatment plans to each individual patient. In doing so, we have higher success rates and can help you or your loved one get your lives back on track after breaking your addictions. Our goal is always to provide you or your loved one with the best possible treatment for you, which we accomplish through individualized treatment plans. To learn more, contact us today, and we can walk you or your loved one through the process of getting help and breaking your addiction.


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