The first step toward recovery is ridding the body of the toxic chemicals that control behavior and diminish potential. SCAC has the training and dedicated staff to help you or your loved one make a successful transition and take back control of life.

Best Chance at Success

After extended use, the body becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol and experiences crippling and dangerous withdrawal symptoms when attempting to discontinue use. The overwhelming physical symptoms combined with extreme discomfort and disorientation often lead to relapse. Without the careful management and support of a team of knowledgeable addiction recovery specialists, the attempt to get clean can be short-lived.

Comfortable Transition

Breaking free from an alcohol or drug addiction is a struggle that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Removing the addictive substance from the body wreaks havoc on internal systems, causing conflict and pain. The process differs for individuals according to their health and substance abuse problem, but the role of the medical staff is to provide relief for the discomfort and support the physical wellbeing of every patient.

Thorough Exam

The skilled medical team prescribes the best course of action after a complete examination of the patient. They determine the severity of the addiction and complete a thorough medical history. The staff creates a customized plan to address the specific mental and physical challenges each guest faces during the detoxification process. Having a skilled, supportive team and a comfortable transition can make the difference between relapse and success.

When You Need Help

People dependent on, or heavily abusing, alcohol or drugs of any kind should seek assistance from a medical detox program. The caring, experienced staff at SCAC commonly see clients who struggle with:

  • Alcohol
  • Narcotics:
    • Codeine
    • Morphine
  • Pain medication:
    • MS Contin®
    • OxyContin®
    • Vicodin®
  • Sleeping medication:
    • Ambien®
    • Halcion®
    • Lunesta®
  • Benzodiazepines:
    • Xanax®
    • Klonopin®
    • Ativan®

Complex Situations

Discontinuing one or more addictive substances produces complex and often dangerous physical reactions. Attempting to rapidly detox at home from addictive substances can have life-threatening consequences. Detoxing from mixed drug or alcohol dependencies is best attempted under medical supervision.

SCAC can handle complex detoxification, including situations where clients use multiple substances. The experienced and professional medical team at SCAC can provide a detailed action plan to ease the discomfort and help the goal of clean living attainable.

Ease The Pain

If you or your loved one decide to stop letting addiction dictate life’s important decisions, it’s time to find out how SCAC and its trusted medical detox partners can help ease the pain and start a path toward healing. It’s critical to have an experienced medical team safely managing the detoxification process in a facility with the resources and training to handle the process.

  • Detox in a safe environment with experienced staff
  • Ease the transition with medical supplies and expertise
  • Recover under constant medical supervision

Get the Facts

Get the information you need to know about medical detox for drugs and alcohol by calling SCAC and take the first step to a better life. SCAC is available 24 hours a day to help you or your loved one safely navigate the pathway to recovery and will help build a strong, healthy foundation for a new start.

Trusted Partners

SCAC works with the professional teams at STAR Detox and Inland Detox as their medical detox partners to provide safe detoxification services the moment you or your loved one need them. If it’s time to seek out a trusted provider for supervised medical detox, contact SCAC for more information.

The Process

Clients enrolled at SCAC or our partner medical detox centers are attended daily by medical providers. The medical staff provides thorough and repeated examinations for assessing the progress of the detox effort. Prolonged and complex detoxification efforts can last several weeks.

Once you or your loved one complete the detox program, the medical staff provides ongoing support in an inpatient residential rehab or partial hospital program as necessary.

Make the Safest Choice

You or your loved one deserve the best care possible while struggling to break the binds of addiction. Benefit from the experience and guidance of professionals who can help make the process safer. Give yourself the best chance at success by choosing medical detoxification at a drug or alcohol detox center.

Call SCAC for Help

If it’s time to safely and effectively detox from drug or alcohol addiction, choose the protection and comfort of a medical detox center to assist you on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. SCAC and its partner institutions are ready to help you or your loved one on the road to recovery.

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