Drug Addiction Treatment

Seeking treatment for addiction is the first step on the road towards recovery. For someone to take that step, however, they will have to find a treatment program that can help them to overcome their substance dependence and regain control of their life. Southern California Addiction center offers a wide range of treatment options, which means anyone seeking treatment should be able to find a program that meets their needs.

It’s important for patients to carefully consider their unique circumstances before choosing a treatment plan. Every individual is different, and the best treatment for one individual might not be the right option for another person. Ideally, patients should consider all of their options before moving forward with a treatment plan that addresses their needs.

Treatment Type Offerings


Someone that is struggling to overcome a substance dependency may need to detox in a safe environment. Withdrawals from drugs and alcohol can cause severe symptoms, which is why it may be best to seek medical intervention during this time. Once these substances are removed from the system, the recovery process can begin.

The detoxification process can vary based on the addictive substance and the individual. No matter what a patient is recovering from, it’s likely that detoxing will cause them pain and discomfort. Symptoms that patients may experience include nausea, headaches, insomnia, and disorientation. The proper monitoring can provide relief, and it can also keep patients safe.

SCAC offers supervised detox programs that may include the use of medication. This program allows people to wean themselves off of harmful substances safely and effectively. Patients that participate in this program will be evaluated by medical professionals and will be given the treatment they need as their body purges itself of these toxic substances.

Once someone is no longer physically dependent on substances, they’ll be able to focus on other forms of treatment. Patients can strive to overcome other aspects of their addiction and can work to build the skills that they will need to avoid substance abuse in the future.

Inpatient Rehab (Residential)

Someone dealing with serious addiction issues may be better off seeking treatment in a controlled and supervised setting. SCAC offers an inpatient rehab program that provides individuals with full-time treatment and support as they work towards recovery.

Patients will be housed and have their meals provided during this program. During their stay, patients will have the opportunity to address every component of their addiction with the supervision and support of trained professionals. A program like this may be the best choice for someone that has been dealing with dependence on a long-term basis and has struggled to make a recovery.

Individuals that opt to participate in the inpatient rehab program will be treated in a comfortable and luxurious facility. Patients have the option of several different facilities and will be able to select a place that’s a good fit for them. These facilities provide many amenities, and patients that stay here can expect to be well-cared for.

This program provides patients with an array of treatments, including individual, group, and family therapy. Patients will be surrounded by trained professionals that are there to provide guidance. Being in a treatment facility will provide patients with a structured and scheduled environment that is ideal for recovery.

In addition to therapy, patients will have the chance to take many classes, including yoga classes, cognitive behavioral therapy courses, and classes that go over the warning signs of a relapse. Individuals will have the chance to attend meetings, such a 12-step program, and will be able to connect with people that are dealing with the same struggles. Participating in a program like this will give patients the tools they need to avoid addictive substances once their treatment is complete.

Partial Hospitalization

The partial hospitalization program is similar to inpatient rehab in many ways. However, this program allows patients to receive supervised care for a portion of the day while still returning to their own home at the end of the day. This program is ideal for patients that do not want to be separated from their families as they go through rehab.

Because patients will be leaving the rehab facility at the end of each day, they may be exposed to temptations as triggers as they go through rehab. This can pose a challenge for patients that are struggling to work through their addiction. That said, if a patient has a strong support system, they should be able to resist these temptations and move forward as they go through treatment. Patients will still be able to work with trained professionals on a daily basis.

The patients that participate in this program will be surrounded by professionals, just as the individuals in the inpatient program would be. Individuals will receive therapy, work with experts, and participate in a variety of classes. It’s an excellent alternative to inpatient care, and it provides plenty of the same benefits.

Outpatient Treatment

Not every patient is able to take time off from work or their daily responsibilities as they go through treatment. Thankfully, SCAC offers an outpatient program that allows patients to participate in treatment sessions that align with their schedule. Patients can continue to live at home while seeking comprehensive care for their issues.

Although this program provides a great deal of flexibility, it’s not suited to everyone with addiction issues. If someone has more severe problems, they may struggle with the lack of structure a program like this provides. Outpatient treatment is best suited to patients with more mild forms of addiction that are willing to on their issues in an uncontrolled environment.

Even if a patient can only participate in the outpatient program, they will be provided with in-depth treatment. They’ll be able to work directly with therapists and other professionals so that they can make a full recovery. The staff at the addiction center will be able to work with patients to make sure their needs are being addressed by their treatment program.

What To Expect From A Treatment Program

Many patients are apprehensive about beginning a treatment program, even if they’re serious about making a recovery. It’s a difficult step to take, and it can be even more challenging when someone doesn’t have a clear idea of what they should expect. Thankfully, it’s possible to alleviate these fears by taking a closer look at the types of treatment that our facilities provide.

Medical Intervention

Patients that need medical assistance will be able to receive the care they need in one of our detox programs. They’ll be prescribed medication as required and will be supervised by trained professionals as they go through recovery. Our professionals can help patients to deal with the physical aspect of their addiction safely.


Even when addictive substances are no longer present in a patient’s body, that individual will still have to work on the mental aspect of their addiction. Patients turn to addictive substances like drugs and alcohol for many reasons. If a patient is able to recognize what lead them to addiction, they’ll be able to identify what they need to do to avoid a relapse.

Our facilities offer many types of therapy so that every individual patient will be able to get the type of care and support that they need. There are therapists that can help patients to deal with the pain of past trauma, experts that will work with both patients and their families, and specialized therapy programs that can be tailored to the needs of the individual.

Some of the types of therapies available to patients include acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and mindfulness meditation. Different patients respond to different types of treatment, which is why our centers offer many different options.

Coping Skills

It’s common for people to turn to illicit substances in order to cope with the stresses of their life. Because of this, it’s essential for patients to develop coping skills so that they can learn to deal with challenges without relapsing.

As patients go through treatment, they’ll be able to develop coping skills that will help them to deal with many difficult situations. Individuals will be able to work to become more resilient, and every patient will be better equipped to manage stress. Coping isn’t always easy, but patients will be able to avoid harmful behaviors if they have tools and resources that they can draw upon.

Choosing The Right Treatment Program

Whether a patient has sought treatment before or is seeking help for the first time, it can be challenging for individuals to select a program that’s appropriate for them. There are many things that should be considered before making a decision.

Patients Should Consider Their Needs

Before a patient can select a treatment program, they’ll have to think about what they need to make a recovery. If a patient is going to be dealing with difficult withdrawal symptoms, a detox program is likely to be the best fit. Patients that can’t afford to take time off from work will be best served by outpatient treatment programs.

None of these treatment programs take a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why patients need to think about what they need from treatment. If an individual is willing to think about their needs and expectations, they should be able to find a program that provides many of the things they’re looking for.

Identify Things That Could Get In The Way Of A Patient’s Recovery

Even if an individual is disciplined and dedicated to overcoming their addiction, there are a number of stumbling blocks they’ll have to overcome as they work to recover. It’s wise to identify these potential issues so that patients can choose a treatment plan that will help them to avoid roadblocks.

If a patient is exposed to many temptations during their day-to-day life, it may be safest for them to remove themselves from those situations entirely. In-patient care or a partial hospitalization program will give patients a controlled environment that they can heal in.

Patients Should Choose A Treatment Plan That They’re Comfortable With

A patient isn’t going to recover just because they’ve entered a treatment program. In order for a patient to make a real recovery, they’re going to have to take an active role in their own recovery process. That’s why it’s essential for patients to find a treatment plan that they’re on board with.

Individuals should think about what they need from a treatment program, but they should also think about their own wants. It’s best for patients to carefully consider their choices so that they can find a program that will provide the type of support that they need.

Southern California Addiction Center Can Help Patients Find A Program That’s Right For Them

If someone knows that they need treatment, but aren’t sure which program fits their needs, the staff at Southern California Addiction Center will be able to provide guidance. Patients can talk about their desires and expectations so that they can choose a program that offers the things they’re looking for.

No one should feel like they have to make this decision on their own. Any individual that’s chosen to seek treatment will receive all of the support that they need. The staff at this center can listen to patients and can help them to select a program that’s a match for their needs.

When a patient decides that they’re ready to get help, they have taken an essential first step. However, this step is the first of many. From this point on, patients will have to continue down this road and work to lead a healthy and substance-free life. It’s a long journey, but it’s a journey that’s worth taking.


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