Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is one of the most heartbreaking issues that is affecting our society today. With millions of people across the United States affected by drug abuse and addiction, we are at a crucial time in our country’s future. Substance abuse is any type of inappropriate drug use for pleasure. Whether this means drinking a little too much alcohol at night or taking your family member’s pain medication to feel better, it can turn into a significant problem. Addiction occurs when substance abuse goes a little too far. Addiction, or substance use disorder, is a clinically recognized condition that involves the compulsive use of various drugs or alcohol, despite any adverse side effects during use.

A fine line separates substance abuse and drug addiction. If you or a loved one is experimenting with drugs or alcohol, then you may think that it will be easy to stop. Maybe you or your loved one is just taking a few extra sleeping pills at night to get a good night’s rest, or perhaps they just wanted a few drinks with dinner. But, suddenly, substance abuse can very easily cross into addiction. Within days to weeks, someone may suddenly stop feeling guilty about their drug of choice, and realize they need more of said substance to feel the same pleasurable effects that initially drew you to it. At this point, they come to a crossroads. They can either stop their substance abuse and seek help, or spiral into dangerous drug addiction.

Whether you or your loved one are still walking the line of substance abuse or suffering from addiction, Southern California Addiction Center can help. Here at SCAC we treat a range of patients, from those at the beginning of their battle with substance abuse,  to those who have been suffering from addiction for many years. Our individualized, comprehensive care plan is created to meet everyone’s individual needs. We believe that each person uniquely came to their addiction, so each person must recover from their addiction uniquely. Through individualized care from our reputable, well-respected staff members, you can look your addiction in the eyes and finally say goodbye.

Substance abuse and addiction are both chronic conditions that must be treated medically. Through holistic, individualized care, SCAC offers effective treatment to each and every patient. Instead of implementing the same recovery treatment plan to every single patient, we sit down with each person and get to know them. In doing so, we can truly figure out the root cause of each person’s addiction, and find their motivation to recover. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse and addiction, then call us today to learn more about our comprehensive care system.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options at Southern California Addiction Center

To fit all of our patient’s needs, we offer a variety of treatment options. For those who need more intensive treatment, we provide medical detox programs and inpatient treatment. These types of treatment choices allow people who have suffered for years first to stabilize their health, and secondly learn the coping skills necessary to recover fully. Our inpatient treatment is not done in a hospital and instead is completed in one of our wellness centers. These centers offer a more personal, comfortable feel than hospitals and have amenities such as pools, comfortable beds and a relaxed, home-like setting. Our inpatient environment has been found to be far more comfortable than a hospital room, which we believe has had a positive impact on our patients.

For patients who need, and can handle more flexibility in their recovery, we offer a variety of outpatient treatments as well. We have partial hospitalization options, which allow you or your loved one to go through medical detox in a safe environment so that you can start your recovery process as a healthy individual.

We also offer intensive outpatient treatment where you or your loved one can still stay in your own home and sleep in the comfort of your bed but attend recovery sessions and therapy sessions throughout your day. Another option is simple outpatient treatment. Most of our patients end up graduating to outpatient treatment as they work through our program, but we also offer a completely outpatient treatment plan for qualified patients. Depending on you or your loved one needs, you may be able to undergo all day therapy or partake in individual therapy sessions.

Our variety of treatment options and plans is one of the of the many reasons that patients choose Southern California Addiction Center. By offering a wide range of possibilities, our respected medical professionals, caretakers, and therapists can choose the right plan for each person who comes to SCAC. We will work tirelessly with you or your loved one to determine what type of treatment plan is appropriate for you or your loved one, but also what type will be the most effective for your recovery. Without the right treatment plan, people who suffer from substance abuse and addiction have a high chance of recurrence. This is why we follow a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for each person who walks through our treatment center doors.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Facts

Substance abuse and addiction don’t just affect one person. The consequences of addiction are felt throughout families, friend circles and even communities. Most people that suffer from substance abuse may not even recognize that they have a problem. However, even people who deny any type of problem exists, often have family members or friends who acknowledge that there is an issue.

Substance abuse can come in many different forms, which is often why patients don’t recognize their own issues with various substances. One of the most common substances that people abuse is alcohol. Think about it, when was the last time that you might have drank a little too much? If this happens on an almost daily basis, and you feel guilty frequently about your alcohol use, then you may have crossed the line into substance abuse or even addiction. In today’s fast-paced society, it is entirely understandable and incredibly easy to fall into a substance abuse pattern. Whether it starts as drinking a bit too much with your friends to relieve the stress of your demanding job, or by taking a friend’s painkillers after an injury, substance abuse can begin in a variety of ways and can affect anyone.

Who Needs Treatment

The answer to who needs treatment sounds simple, anyone who suffers from substance abuse or addiction needs treatment ASAP. However, drug addiction and substance abuse are never simple. If you feel like you need treatment then call our center immediately.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself or your loved ones, then it may be time to acknowledge that there is a problem and treatment is needed:

  • A person may isolate themselves from family and friends or spending time with friends who are also suffering from addiction.
  • Losing a job.
  • Never having any money, or having to ask to borrow money frequently.
  • Changes in hygiene habits.
  • Changes in sleeping habits.
  • Mood swings
  • Lying about drinking or doing drugs.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in yourself or your friends or family? If so, then a conversation may need to be had about substance abuse and addiction. Without proper communication, addiction can easily be swept under the rug. Many families cope with addiction by just ignoring it and allowing the addicted person to suffer. While this seems horrific, it is actually a coping mechanism that a lot of people utilize to merely get through their family member’s addiction. But, with the help of Southern California Addiction Center, you and your family don’t have to be ashamed anymore and can seek help.

Addiction is a disease, and like most chronic diseases, it can reoccur. It isn’t something that can be swept under a rug and forgotten about. Instead, addiction and substance abuse must be treated head on and with intensive, individualized therapy. Otherwise, the patient’s life will never be the same and they will never regain their ability to function normally in society. Recovery is possible with the right help, and with the right recovery center.

Why Choose Southern California Addiction Center

Southern California Addiction Center is a place that you and your loved ones can feel safe, respected, and understood. All of our providers are committed to helping patients recover from their substance abuse and their addictions. We strive to find the root cause of every individual’s addiction and fight the addiction at its source. By doing so, we create individualized treatment plans for each person who comes to our center and form excellent relationships with each patient.

Southern California Addiction Center is a safe place that is rooting for your recovery. We strive for each of our patients to recover and hope they do so in a supportive environment. Our multiple treatment plan options provide an excellent support system and sense of control for each of our patients, which allows them to truly open up and talk about their addiction and recovery.

All of our treatment plans combine nutrition, physical activity, therapy, and more to help nurture the entire person. We believe that not only do our patients need to recover from their addictions, but they also need to leave our treatment center healthier physically. We integrate medical detox programs, nutrition programs, and exercise into each treatment plan to treat each individual and teach them healthy coping skills for when they leave our center.

Substance abuse and addiction can be long, rough journeys, but there is hope. Southern California Addiction Center is a place where hope can be found. Through our individualized, comprehensive care treatment plans, we have had great success in helping patients through their substance abuse and addiction journeys. We strive to treat each of our patients with respect and love and give each one a place to recover that is supportive and safe. Through our treatment plans, you or your loved one can find recovery, mend relationships, find a new purpose in life, and learn how to live life to the fullest. Contact us today for more information on our treatment center and how we can help you or a loved one who is suffering.

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