Chronic Relapse

If you’re reading this now, you’ve already taken a step in ending the frustrating cycle of relapse. Addiction isn’t something that goes away, it stays with you forever and takes great strength to overcome. If you’ve made it weeks, months, or years with your sobriety, only to have an event in your life trigger a relapse, you’re not alone.

In fact, it’s such a common theme associated with addiction that it has a name- Chronic Relapse. Those of us here at the Southern California Addiction Center are ready to help you face this mountain and make sure that you have support to fall back on when it starts to feel as though you’re losing control.

Why Addicts Relapse

While it’s not a popular fact, addictive behavior often has more to do with brain chemistry than sheer willpower. Additionally, traumatic events in your life may have led you to repeat a certain pattern, or habit as a coping mechanism or means of survival. When combined, these two separate circumstances create the perfect storm for someone is working hard to stay sober but hasn’t quite figured out how to break the pattern that eventually pulls them off straight and narrow path that they’ve been on.

For every addict who decides to get sober, 40 to 60 percent will relapse! Remember this before you start feeling as though you’ve failed.

How We Treat Chronic Relapse

The staff here at Southern California Addiction Center don’t necessarily go by the usual one-size-fits-all solution. While a 12 step treatment works, we know that you are an individual with unique needs. We’ll keep your time occupied with activities that will improve your day to day fitness, diet, and build a strong set of habits to live by.

We offer holistic and executive treatment for alcohol addiction, substance detox, and gambling issues. Some people benefit more from group therapy and sharing their experiences with others who struggle with addiction. However, we also offer individual counseling for those who tend to feel more comfortable in a relaxed, private setting.

Whether you come from an abusive home, have suffered trauma in your life, or have just had a hard few years that changed your life, we want you to know that we’re here to help you through it.

The Effectiveness of Chronic Relapse Treatments

Not everyone will be able to kick their particular habit the first time around, but Southern California Addiction Center offers a safe, clean, positive environment when you arrive and when you leave. There is a significant correlation between people who are successful in their recovery, and outpatient treatment.

Once you get back out into the world, you need a strategy to keep you on course and a familiar, safe place to find solace. To ensure that you continue on your road to success, we offer an Outpatient Center. During your time at rehab, you’ve built a schedule, positive eating habits, found healthy ways to cope, and hopefully a shoulder to lean on when life gets to be overwhelming.

At Southern California Addiction Center, we’ve been able to help people remain sober for over a year, and it’s useful because of the outpatient treatment. When you feel yourself beginning to lose the positive habit you’ve created for yourself, you can still come back to your second home here with us.

In addition to substance abuse, those who struggle with chronic relapse may also battle mental health issues on a regular basis. To treat one and neglect the other eventually leads to the “revolving door”  that many fall into when trying to lead a life of sobriety.

Outpatient treatment is highly effective in assisting with dual diagnosis once the inpatient program is complete.

Why Choose SCAC

If you’re unsure of whether or not Southern California Addiction Center is the right facility for you, keep in mind that our guests leave our doors with a successful future ahead of them. We keep our promise in providing you with a strategy for sobriety, and in treating you with the compassion and respect that you need during this challenging period in your life.

Our mission is to ensure that neither your past nor your present hold you back. You still have the opportunity to live a confident, successful life, and we want you to feel as though you can have a long lasting relationship with our staff. Think of us as an extended family; you may not see us much once you’ve taken flight, but you can certainly count on us to be here if you need us again.

Take Action and Get Control Over Your Chronic Relapse

If you or your loved one has lost the battle with chronic relapse again and again, there is hope! Don’t hesitate to give us a call, and remember that you don’t have to make any decisions right away. We’ll talk to you about your specific needs, give you a tour, and give you some information on our treatments work.

We know you want to make a change, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do it! You’ve already been struggling in silence, and it’s okay to ask for help. We’ll give you all the details and let you sleep on it. By reaching out to us though, you’ve already chosen to change your life and get back to being the happy, productive person you once were.

Instead of spending the next few weeks trying to avoid a relapse in an environment that offers nothing but temptation, consider staying with us for a week or two. Get your mind off your addiction with massages, horseback riding, walking through the various trails we have on site and participate in our yoga and meditation classes.

Sometimes, we just need a break from the stressors that come with life, and we’re all just doing our best. At Southern California Addiction Center, you can take as long as you need to work through your troubles, we’ve got your back!


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