Mission & Vision

In 2015, Aaron Brower decided to put his 19 years of experience in the addiction rehabilitation space into practice. He founded the Southern California Addiction Center, organizing it around his addiction treatment philosophy–the same one that powers our institution today. Binding together nearly a decade of clinical research and practice, SCAC has built a reputation for excellence in compassionate guided recovery.

We believe anyone can recover from addiction. Countless guests have used our services as the starting point for their exciting new lives, free from substance dependence and abuse. Our successful clients are not exceptions to the rule–our treatment programs work. We encourage and help to build new mindsets that allow positive change to really take hold and transform the individual into the person he or she was meant to be.

SCAC’s Mission

Here at the Southern California Addiction Center, we maintain our mission to providing stable, caring environments to aid the client process of long-term recovery. By personally guiding our clients through each step toward achieving sobriety, we make time to address any underlying issues like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or similar feelings patterns of behavior.

Our innovative methodology emphasizes the uniqueness of every client, and therefore of their personal recovery process. Our holistic approach makes a careful and thoughtful profile of client history, lifestyle, nutrition, and many other factors. This way, we encourage individuals to improve every part of their life that might be contributing to the problem at hand.

Of course, at the core of everything we do, there exist three fundamental principles that guide the process at every step:

  • Compassion: We stress the vital importance of genuine empathy and loving care for those in need.
  • Integrity: Honesty and the commitment to firm moral principles define our approach, and are in effect at all times as we provide care.
  • Respect: Individuality is key to our process, and this is because we respect our clients as human beings. Dignity is an essential component of recovery.

For Our Employees

We strive to create safe, healthy working environments for all our staff. At SCAC, we think it is essential to inspire creative, independent work as we go about our important duties, changing the lives of our valued clients. This kind of professional freedom allows innovation to take hold and guide our programs in the most effective ways possible.

SCAC’s Vision

Integrity and respect are two founding ingredients of our care process. But there is more than these alone – we have a vision of change, and our mission is to see that vision manifest through the health and freedom of our clients. Our goal is to rescue and transform.

Primary Vision: To Rescue and Transform


We think of each client as a little victory. They are rescues; people who have come to us in dire need of change, though they may not know how to affect this change on their own. A client admitted is the first step on the road to recovery, and though they may not yet realize it, they are preparing to leave addiction behind, moving into a new way of life.


After their rescue, clients will undergo a personalized process of compassionate guidance toward recovery. This is a holistic process of great change, and as we see it, only a transformed individual can complete our programs and move beyond addictions into a new, more fulfilling life. For this reason, we think of our graduates as “transformations.”

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